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Although the airlines will give its best efforts in order to deliver the shipments at its final destination in good order and conditions, sometimes damage / depreciation, delay or (partial) loss may occur.

In case such irregularity might affect your shipment, a claim can be filed to the airlines.
Without this process, claims can’t be processed.

In case of damage, loss, or any irregularity of the shipment, the consignee must leave written evidence on the AWB or special format airlines have for these purposes. This must be done before the cargo is released; if you check the product in your warehouse without leaving any evidence of the conditions, for the airline this is releasing the shipment in good order and conditions and no claim may be processed.

In order to facilitate and speed up the claim handling process, the consignee of the shipment must follow a procedure and send us the documents to file the claim.


A written formal claim for damage, loss delay must be received by the carrier involved within 14 days from the AWBÂs date; when you know about any of these problems, please notify Kuehne + Nagel immediately, in order to send a preliminary claim within this period of time.


Whenever a priced claim is filed information must be gathered. We recommend following the instructions to get all the documents required to file the formal claim.

  • Letter that states the reason why you are claiming, making reference to the airway bill number, with a specific indication of the amount claimed. (product and freight).

  • Vendor’s / shipper’s invoice covering the complete shipment. Please explicitly indicate the items / pieces claimed for.

  • Packing list. Please indicate the items / pieces claimed for.

  • Cession of rights from the contracting party as per master airway bill, which states that your company is authorized to act on their behalf, if applicable. In this case, the consignee should give this right to Kuehne + Nagel.

  • Copy of the Master airway bill.

  • Copy of delivery receipt

In case your claim concerns damage / depreciation, please also enclose the following documents:

  • Official survey report. This document has to be done immediately the cargo arrives by a company that does this procedure.

  • If the shipment is no longer for sale, it can’t be thrown to the garbage. It has to be officially destroyed. An Official Destruction report must be attached to the claim.

  • In case the product arrive in medium conditions and can be sold in a lower price, the bills of sale should be send, and claim the amount lost.

  • Copies of invoices paid for other charges.

An airline can only be held responsible for proven irregularities which can be held against the carrier and which occurred while being under its custody.

The airlines do not accept any liability for perishables accepted at temperatures below the temperatures advised or exceeding the limits of 7 – 8ºC. In case the perishables have been delivered at temperatures exceeding these limits, the shipment will be transported at the shipper’s own risk.

Please take into consideration the following:

1. We remind you that if the shipment arrives in bad conditions or you refuse it, anyway the freight has to be paid to the airlines. The claims do not exonerate the cargo agent, nor the importer or consignee for this responsibility.

2. Kuehne + Nagel can process the claims in your name in Bogotá, or you can process it with the airline in your city.

3. Kuehne + Nagel can’t process the claims without the complete documents listed before.